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Shop online or come into our storefront at 532 Main Street in Penticton BC and browse through our locally inspired glass art collection. We also sell imported waterpipes, adapters, ash catchers and unique items and will ship your purchase anywhere in Canada.
Unlike wood or clay, glass pipes do not add flavours to your experience, allowing the taste of new varietals to come through clean, and unadulterated. Glass pipes are produced by blowing clear and coloured glass into a bubble then shaped or spun on glass lathes to create larger pipes. Hand pipes (chillums) are very basic glass forms. They are small and easy to carry. Spoon or hand pipes have a carburetor which allow additional air to be drawn in preventing stale smoke. Glass pipes with carburetors produce a faster and fresher taste.

We carry some amazing brands…

Vodka Glass, Dopezilla, Evolution Glass, Hydros

Lifted Penticton

532 Main Street, Penticton BC

Tel: 250-493-5928

Monday to Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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