Clothing and Accessories


Sure Clothing is sourced in Thailand and we offer a gorgeous collection of T-Shirts, Clothing and Weed T-Shirts to suit your taste. T-Shirts, tank tops, tunic and hoodie dresses, plus size T-Shirts, Tie Dye and Batik tops and leggings for men and women are available for purchase. Choose designs from mandala, yin yang, Tree of Life from eastern inspired artwork.

Hemp Body Care

Hemp body care products have a healthy portion of vitamins, including A, the B’s, D and E. These vitamins are known for anti-aging properties that fight wrinkles, prevent free radical changes and protect your skin by bolstering your natural UV defense. The calcium and manganese that occur naturally in hemp aid in regeneration and collagen production for natural skin hydration. Hemp lotions also contain essential fatty acids that are often found in fish oil supplements. These fatty acids contribute to the suppleness and nutritional health of your skin, hair and scalp.

Pain Relief

We offer pain relief solutions including tinctures and supplements. One cause of chronic pain is inflammation that over time, can cause tissue damage. Prescription pain medications dull pain and can cause serious side effects. In contrast, hemp CBD oil has anti-inflammatory agents without damaging your liver, kidney or stomach by working naturally with body systems.

For more information about the numerous health benefits of hemp lotions and pain relief hemp CBD oil, contact us or come in and visit for a unique consultation designed specifically for you.

Other products we carry:

Hemp Lotions, Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner, Pain Relief Solutions, Hemp Candles, Hemp Nutrition, Incense, Tapestries

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